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Artistics Map of Belarus


Feel uncomfortable with ordinary maps and their system of definitions? Interested in most significant places to travel to in Belarus? This "artistic" map of Belarus should be your choice then!

Created by the Belarusian artists, this colourful representation of Belarus is really impressive. With a single look, you cover such famous Belarus travel destinations, as Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Braslav Lakes, Berezinski Biosphere Reserve, and many others.

For better experience, the map is split into four parts that include north-west, south-west, north-east, and south-east. Moreover, you can spot most cathedrals and churches of Belarus on this map, which will help you understand the architectural style of the country. Have a look at this enjoyable work of art - the map of Belarus created by artists!

Central Belarus Map


Сurious about the roads leading to Minsk? Would like to travel across some of the Belarus cities surrounding Minsk? Then this Central Belarus map would be definitely of use for you!
Plan your route to the point of destination, find out the better road, and calculate the kilometers you have to drive to reach the city you'd like to visit.
Finally, familiarize yourself with the road system of Belarus, which can be especially interesting for those planning some kind of business in the republic. Get the map of Central Belarus here!

All Belarus Regions on a Single Map


So, you are serious about visiting Belarus. The things on your to-do list should include the following:

1. Buy the tickets and plan the route
2. Plan where you will stay
3. Decide on the places in Belarus you’d like to visit

For each of these purposes, a good map can be really handy. That is why we decided to upload a really detailed map of Belarus, with the smallest towns clearly marked up. The good news is that the whole map is in English, so no need to struggle with the Cyrillic alphabet!