Vygonoshchanskoye Belarus Landscape Reserve
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BelarusVYGONOSHCHANSKOYE_hedgehog Vygonoshchanskoye Republican Landscape Reserve (area of 55.1 thousand ha) was established to conserve a hydrological regime and a splendid nature complex in the territory of Ivatsevichi, Lyakhovichi, and Gantsevichi Districts of Brest Region. The distance from north to south is 27 km, from west to east 46 km. Around 60% of the territory is occupied by marshes. Marshes largely determine the general outlook of the reserve, its landscape capabilities, the features of its flora and fauna.

BelarusVYGONOSHCHANSKOYEAncient broadleaved woodland with exceptionally diverse plant formation have survived on isles among marshes. Such locations are mostly unfooted, and the fauna lives on its own. Certain oaks are 600 years, and pines 300 years old. Primary broadleaved forests on eutrophic bogs are especially unique. Millenarian existence in the natural environment, the fauna and flora of the reserve are a genuine artefact of the nature of Belarusian Polesye. Cranberry, red bilberry, blueberry grow in forests and marshes. The reserve flora consists of around 250 species, including over 20 species of plans and mushrooms on the Red List among which there are: arnica, stinkhorn, ramson, Siberian iris, Turk's-cap lily etc. BelarusVYGONOSHCHANSKOYE_overview

The reserve is an ideal habitat for various animals and insects. A great deal of those have already disappeared (or extremely exotic) in Europe. 31 species of fish live in rivers and lakes. Around 250 species of birds can be found in the reserve now. Several last populations of Siberian gray owl and West-European subspecies of wood grouse are preserved there.

Amateur ornithologists from all over the world come there to watch exotic birds of Europe. The birds are not the only ones to attract curious travellers, the Oguinskiy canal (50 km long) connecting the basins of the Baltic and Black seas via the rivers of Shchara and Yaselda is also of interest.


225295, 21 Lenin St., Ivatsevichi, Brest Region, Belarus. Phone +375 (1645) 23 227