A(H1N1) Virus in Belarus – Myth or Reality?
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H1N1 flu virus has been keeping the world terrified for many months already, but some countries have just faced this problem, and Belarus is on the list, together with Russia, and Ukraine.

Yesterday, 3rd of November, one of the first deaths of the killing disease was officially registered and biologically proved in Belarus. 
A 37-year-old woman died of pneumonia, although

she had been receiving antiviral treatment for several days. The officials state that the woman and her 16-year-old daughter (who is being observed at the hospital now) returned from the Ukraine, where according to statistics the number of deaths is constantly increasing.

According to some trusted sources (among Belarusian doctors), that was not the first death - the number of people who died of H1N1 virus amounts to 20 and more. The government keeps silence; we can only hope that this silence wouldn’t become as tragic, as the Chernobyl one.

If you have just arrived in Belarus or planning a trip to Minsk, or other cities in Belarus, don’t panic, just try to take simple precautionary measures:

- avoid crowded places (supermarkets, stores, concert halls)
- make sure you have some antiviral meds with you, as now they are in deficit in Belarus
- healthy life style is a must (right food, enough drinking, regular sleep)
- wash your hands as often as possible
- if you need to use public transportation, consider wearing an antiseptic mask (not longer than 2-3 hours)
- if you feel the slightest symptoms of a cold or flu, without any hesitations consult a doctor.

We hope that the disease will not strike Belarusians and Belarus guests hard, and we will keep you informed about the latest news.