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Gomel Oblast is situated in the southeastern part of Belarus and borders with Ukraine and Russia. The centre of the Oblast is Gomel which has a population of 515 000. Gomel is the second largest city in Belarus.

Gomel Oblast is one of the most industrially developed regions in the country. Its southern location and mild climate favour agriculture developing.
Belarus Gomel River SunsetNatural treasure of the Gomel region is Polesye, the unique land of swamps, peatbogs and waterlogged lakes situated on the Polesskaya Lowland. During Soviet times fragile natural balance of this land was seriously endangered – swamps were drained for extending of agricultural fields. Fortunately, lots of places have survived and nowadays a visitor to the Pripyatsky National Park can admire landscapes unique to this region and watch rare species of animal and plant kingdoms.

Gomel Oblast was seriously impacted by the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station catastrophe in 1986. In some years, the Polessky Radiation and Ecological Reserve was established. Its main aim is to preserve, research and forecast further impacts of radiation on natural resources.

BelarusGomelOblastGomel region’s rich history has left plenty of historical and architectural monuments: St Bernard Catholic church in Mozyr (17-18th centuries), Jesuits’ Catholic Church and Collegium in Kalinkovichi (18th century), St Nicholas church (end of the 17th beginning of the 18th century) in Petrikov. 
The city’s landmark is the unique monument of the 18-19th centuries – the Palace and Park Ensemble. It includes the aristocrats Rumyantsevs-Paskevichs’ palace, St Peter and Paul cathedral, the Dukes Paskevichs’ chapel and the burial vault and the ancient park. A number of buildings dating back to 19th – beginning of the 20th century In Gomel downtown area remained untouched by wars and conflicts.