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BELARUS_Nesvig_PalaceBELARUS_Mir_CastleBelarus... If a poet wished to glorify our land in his lyrics, he would certainly compare it with a beauty, blue-eyed, fair-headed, smiling and a little mysterious. Such is our land, with its lake-liked blue eyes of unequalled beauty, with golden fields, green attire of woods and oak groves, kindhearted-ness and hospitality of its people, with its eternal, mysterious spots of virginal nature. And all this is in the centre of Europe.
Belarus... This ancient Slavonic land is situated in the East of Europe, and has boarders with Lithuania in north-west, with Latvia in the north, in North-east and the East with Russia, in the south with the Ukraine, with Poland in the west. Here, on the edge of the huge East-European Plain, since ancient times Belarusians, one of the most numerous Slavonic nations, have always lived.Belarus_MINSK_Capital
The Republic of Belarus is a unitary, democratic, social state based on the rule of law.
Declaration of sovereignty dates back to July 27, 1990. The state system is Presidential Republic.
Today the population of Belarus is about 10 million people. State languages are Belarusian and Russian.
Belarus is a multiconfessional and multinational country. Belarusians (81,2%), Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Jews and people of other nations have always lived here in friendly relations. Most of the people are Orthodox believers, but a considerable part of people are Roman Catholics believers and Uniates.
The territory of Belarus is 207.6 thousand square kilometers. Its length from South to North is 560 km (360 miles), and from West to East is 650 km (460 miles).The capital of the country is Minsk with the population of 1 million 700 thousand people. It is a magnificent, modern megapo-lis, which was founded 900 years ago at the crossing of two rivers - the Svisloch and the Nemiga. During the centuries Minsk (Mensk, Menesk), which was planned and built as a fortress, was attacked, destroyed and burned by different enemies many times. But every time, as a fairy Phoenix, it rose from ashes and became more beautiful.
Belarussian MoneyBElARUS_Coil_and_Architecture
The national currency of the Republic of Belarus is a Belarusian ruble. In circulation are only banknotes from 10 to 100.000 rubles (10, 20, 50, 100, 1000, 20.000, 50.000, 100.000 bel. rubles). Belarusian rubles can be changed in banks or exchange offices. Banks take also circular cheques and credit cards. The cash can be taken from cash machines.