Belarus Top 10 Sightseeing Places
Tourism in Belarus - Belarus Top 10

Sightseeing Overview

Belarus Minsk Avenue

Minsk. A Capital of Belarus. What else can be added? If you travel to Belarus, then this city must become one of your travel destinations!

Belarus Braslav Lakes

Braslav lakes are known as one of the best recreation areas in Belarus; however they are popular not only with the Belarusians, but also foreign tourists.

Belarus Belovezhskaya Zubr

Belovezhskaya Puscha (Reserve) – the only place, where mighty zubrs (bizons) can be observed.

Belarus Mir Castle

Mir Castle was included into the UNESCO List of World Heritage.

  • Brest Fortress

Belarus Brest Fortress

The Brest Fortress was the first place to be attacked by the Nazi invaders.

  • Pripyat Reserve

Belarus Pripyat Canal

Situated in the south of Belarus, Pripyat Reserve offers wide opportunities for green and ecology tourism, with a great number of rivers and damps.

  • Minsk Sea

Minsk Capital Sea You can’t find any sea on the map of Belarus? Look again! Just 25 km from Minsk there is a huge Zaslavl water storage, however it received the nickname – Minsk Sea and became one of the attractions for divers and surfers.

Belarus Nesvizh Cathedral
The real masterpiece of architectural art is located in Nesvizh. It dates back to the early 13th century. Thanks to Radzivill Princes, Nesvizh became world renowned, as they chose this quiet place as the place of their residence. As a result, they completely changed the look of the town, having added the spirit of art to every corner of Nesvizh.

  • Kossovo

Belarus Kossovo Castle
Kossovo – sounds not much Belarusian? Still it is a small Belarusian town, where you can feel the spirit of history after visiting the ancient castle.

  • St Anna Cathedral

Belarus Mosar Cathedral.

The unique piece of architecture, dating back to 1792 can be found near Vitebsk. St Anna Cathedral was designed by Robert and Anna Bzhestowski. Today it is also famous for the arboretum with beautiful statues all over the place.