Christmas and New Year Parade in Minsk
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santa claus parade in Minsk 2009The spirit of Christmas and New Year creates the festive atmosphere everywhere: houses, shops, offices are decorated; fir trees are installed and children are waiting for the miracle to come true. One of their dreams will definitely take place on the 25th of December in Minsk.

The thing is that on this day

the central avenues and squares will be literally overflowed and completely frozen, as dozens of Santa Clauses and Snow Maidens will be marching along the streets, greeting kids and bringing the spirit of holiday to everyone.

This year, it is going to be not just a march of actors, but a real theatrical performance, which starts at 11 am at the sports palace and ends at Oktyabrskaya Square. This will be the place of the final scene, which will be followed by the pop-star concert and lighting the central Christmas tree.

Everyone is heartily welcome to participate!