12 Die and More than 150 Injured During the Explosion in Minsk
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Minsk, Belarus--April, 11th, the Oktyabrskaya (October) metro station in the very center of Minsk was struck by an explosion. According to the Belarusian news agency BELTA, 12 people died and more than 150 got injured and were taken to the city hospitals. The character of the injuries indicates the massive explosion. "The reasons for the explosion in metro remain unknown", commented the representative of the Emergency situations ministry.

The witnesses report

The witnesses of the explosion have shared some of their observations:

"People were taken to hospitals with injured legs. There was no panic. Doctors and nurses were coming to work, though it was not their shift. One boy who was taken to hospital said he didn't see anything, as he was hit by an advertising board."

"The explosion happened when the doors of the train opened. At that very moment, I was saying goodbye to my friendĀ  while getting to the platform. I wasn't heavily injured - burnt some hair and have strange noise in my ears - as I was in the other section of the train. That's why I couldn't see the victims."

It happened at 17-56, the time when most people get home from work and when young people come to the city center to spend time with friends. The official version declares the explosion is a terrorist act.