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Belarus VitebskVitebsk Oblast is situated in the north-east of the Republic of Belarus, it borders with Lithuania, Latvia and Russia, and occupies one fifth of the
country's territory. The centre of the Oblast is Vitebsk with population of 367 000.

Land of Vitebsk is a true lake kingdom;the biggest part of Belarusian Poozerye (ozero means lake in Russian, Poozerye - Land of Lakes) and 11 of 19 biggest Belarus lakes are situated here. These unique natural features give inexpressible charm to the area which is famous far beyond Belarus borders.

Belarus_LakeOne of the brightest pearls of the Vitebsk Oblast is Braslav Lakes complex - there are more than 50 reservoirs with total area of 130 sq km and extant in natural conditions, rare plants, and animals. This area has great tourist’s potential.

The oldest Belarus city - Polotsk - is also located in the Oblast. Kutensky monastery in Orsha, Troitsky Catholic church in Glubokoye are also well worth your attention.

Slavanskiy Bazaar in VitebskVitebsk is the second cultural capital of the country, site for “Slavyansky Bazaar” - International Song Festival - which is held annually at the end of July-beginning of August. In Vitebsk you can look over an old Town Hall and memorial Obelisk commemorating defeat of Napoleon troops.

Vitebsk is a hometown for many famous people. Admittedly the most famous is a genuine dreamer Marc Chagall. He called the city "my second Paris", Vitebsk views of the beginning of the 20th century can easily be traced in many of his works.