Minsk Gorky Park, The Kingdom of Ice
Belarus Cities - Minsk Oblast

At the beginning of December most people in Belarus wondered whether on New Year's Eve there would be any snow. There was plenty of it and it looks like the tendency of frosty weather (about 15-20 degrees below zero) will please Belarusians till mid February.

Minsk_Belarus_Winter_house2 Minsk_Belarus_Winter_hedgehog

(Hm... Looks like a small chocolate house..or the scenery of Dickens' novels. And a fantastic hedgehog!)

What does winter bring beside cold, snow, winter sports and New Year's resolutions? Certainly - easthetic pleasure. How? In the form of strange and beautiful icy monuments, the ones created either by nature or by human beings. The second version of ice monuments and cultures is now exhibited in Gorky Park, in Minsk. We decided to have a look at this wonderful scene and to present some pictures of snowy art.

Some facts. The exhibition (which is actually a competition) has not been popular in Belarus due to mild winters with the temperatures around zero. As soon as the weather conditions changed, the representatives of "Zelenstroi" (an organization, which takes care of trees, flowers, bushes, and grass growing and fostering in cities and towns of Belarus) bravely organized a competition of ice sculptures. There was no certain topic chosen, however, the competition itself implied the spirit of winter wonders, fairy-tales, and symbols of the New Year.

And here is our photo report with some comments, of course )) Minsk_Belarus_Winter_heart


2 photos above: The place of LOVE worship and an ice house (igloo?) but with a straw roof!

Minsk_Belarus_Winter_bullfinches Minsk_Belarus_Winter_bear

You can't but touch them - though cold, they look awesome! I can't say how many people have taken pictures of the bear, but I can say for sure he's a tremendous success with kids


A real symbol of Belarus winter - a national stove (the element frequently mentioned in Belarusian and Russian fairy-tales)


The fisherman is fishing...


...and Buratino is watching: )


These chess figures are my favourites (I loved them so much that even broke one...)

Birds, birds, birds.. and a cat!

The collection of strange symbols: tiger - the symbol of 2010, the throne - the symbol of might, but the table with a single chair and a bottle?? Post-modernism, really...

P.S. All pictures were taken on the 21st of January, at 7.30 p.m.