The History of Crazy Belarusians in 5 Minutes
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Let us know our nation, the crazy Belarusian nation!

Do you know what being patriotic means? I guess, the best definition is loving your native land, culture, and people. The newly produced animated film by the Belarusian organization Budzma! has proved again that these guys are truly patriotic and enormously creative!

The film retells the history of Belarus (at least, the most prominent historic events) in just five minutes--that is what makes it really unique. What is more, the design, the narration, and (!) the ideas produced make the listener feel if not proud, than enchanted by this fine piece of art.

"The aim of the project is to evoke the interest to our history and roots, because the past gives us the way into the future. We are sure that when the economic interests are of the highest prioirity in the civil society, that society can be swallowed by other ones, since it gets split into the social groups with their own interests. The people can form the civil unity when it is connected not only by the territory, but the values that are surely represented by the land, history, and culture," - commented Sevyaryn Kvyatkouski, the editor of

The film is actually the focal (but not final) point of the joint cultural project of Budzma and the TUT.BY portal.

Watch the history of Belarus in five minutes: