The Christmas Symbols of Belarus
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Bear_BelThe Christmas is coming soon to all families in the world! This is a holiday that unites everybody, brings love and joy, and helps feel how close we are to each other. However universal it may be, Christmas has its peculiarities in every country. Let's see what Christmas symbols our ancestors Belarusians used to have.

The Belarus Bear

This mighty animal symbolizes the bond with the "lower world". It was considered the chief animal among all and was related to the god Veles. Nowadays, the bear is one of the main symbols of Kolyady--the merry time of singing, dancing, and performing for getting something in return (sweets, souveniers, etc.), just before Christmas.

BElarus_kozaThe Goat

The goat is a symbol of a harmonious family life, prosperity, and good luck. On Kolyady, somebody--the funniest person--always dresses like a goat and dances in the most hilarious way!


The Horse

This is the most important animal character in the Belarusian mythology. It is connected with three social groups simultaneously: peasants, military people, and fun-makers.

The Stork

This beautiful bird has been the symbol of the masculine beginning. Brlarus_storkAccording to the tradition, one when meeting the stork was to say "Be in good health!"

belarus_sun_symboleThe Sun

The sun, on the other hand, symbolizes the feminine beginning. The mythology implies that an ideal housewife is like the sun in the family.

Naturally, the mythology tells us about even more symbols and traditions. What are the most interesting/frightening/boring ones in your country? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below!

And we, the team, wish you merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Stay with us to discover more secrets of Belarus. :)