Where to Stay in Belarus: Hotels, Apartments, and Hosts
Accommodation - Hotels in Minsk and Belarus
Finding a nice place in Belarus can be a challenging task. There's not so much information about the existing accomodation possibilities. No need to panic! We are starting the new hotel guide on tobelarus.com, which hopefully will help you solve the dilemma and find a perfect stay!

Now, let's see what acomodation options tourists are provided with when they plan to visit Belarus.

Hotels in Minsk, Belarus

That is by far one of the most popular ways of finding a roof over your head. There are about 20 hotels in Minsk and about 260 in Belarus. The peculiar thing about Belarusian hotels is that many of them have that Soviet flavor (which you may like anyway) and even the most expensive ones wouldn't offer world-class service (at least at present). Fairly decent service at a bit too high price - that's what you are most likely to get here. The price range for hotels is 35-400$ per night.

Minsk Hotels

Hostels in Belarus

Hostels and budget hotels are still very rare even in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. The reason for that is simple: there's no private territory law in Belarus and not so many people are eager to invest into something uncertain. Fortunately, the first hostels started to appear not long ago, but they still lack the convenience and atmosphere of Western European hostels. A night in a Belarusian hostel would cost you about 10-15$.

Apartments in Minsk

It would be true to say that some apartments in Minsk appear to be much more luxurious than 5-star hotel rooms! To rent an apartment you can either book it online or find an ad in a local newspaper. I'd suggest looking through some local websites where short-term apartment rates seem to be much lower. On average, you'll be able to rent a flat in Minsk for

as low as 20$ per night.

Couchsurfing in Belarus - Hospitality and Culture

Belarusian people are a hospitable and open-minded nation. Want to learn some new nice people from Belarus? Try to find a host on the travelling community Couchsurfing.org. Basically, you ask someone registered in the community to host you for a couple of days (or more, depending on the host). In most cases, it's completely free of charge, but it would be nice of you to bring some souvenir from your country. Also, you can find people who can guide you through the city and show some interesting sightseeing places. If you feel that this way of traveling sounds attractive, try it out, but be careful with some cultural differences.

Finally, I wouldn't recommend sleeping:
  • on bus-stops
  • at the railway station
  • in a tent
  • on the grass :)
You might get into trouble for two reasons - the policemen may be suspicious about you and they have the right to check your documents and if anything is wrong, you might be taken to the police office for further investigation. Secondly, some criminals (especially at the railway station) can try to steal some of your belongings, which is even worse.

If you feel unsure about where to stay in Minsk or other cities of Belarus, you can contact us to get consulted completely free of charge!