Touring the Wilderness Through Belarus
Tourism in Belarus - Belarus National Parks
National Parks Belovezhskaya Puscha, Braslavskiye Ozera, Pripyatski and Berezinski Reserves are the pride of our Republic, the sites of worldwide significance.
These are Specially Protected Natural Territories of inimitable beauty, with practically no analogue in Europe. They contain the largest tracts of virgin primeval forests, rare species of animals and plants, unique lakes.
10_Belarus_National_parks_and_Reserves_OwlWe heartily glad to invite you to visit these sites.
You will be lodged in cozy rooms of comfortable hotels or tourist huts, enjoy palatable national dishes prepared of game and cither fruits of the forest, breathe in fresh air.
Fascinating walks, rides on horse-back, by car, or by boat would help you reveal a rich and versatile world of vegetation and animals in their natural surroundings and habitats. You would be charmed by uncomparable exotic character of these places.
Belovezhskaya Pushcha - it is the mighty European bison in the thick of forest stands, exhilarating aroma of herbs, the enchanting odour of centuries, an old Czar's tract and Viskuli Complex, a sauna, sportcomplex, and a disco.
At Braslavskiye Qzera you may listen to soft rustle of rush merging with the splashes of waves near the shore, crystal-clear water, nature landscapes, ukha (fish-soup) and the excitement of fishing, trips on board of the pleasure boat, and helicopter flights.
National Park Pripiyatski is represented by flood-plain oak groves, the black stork and common crane, watching of overflight of numerous bird flocks, captivating trips on a motor-ship.Belarus_National_parks_and_Reserves_6
National park "Narochanski" - its unique nice Naroch, wonderful sand beaches, pine forests, resorts and sanatorium.
Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve features diverse landscapes, nesting locations of rare birds, nature/ecological trails, and a route along a part of the ancient waterway from the Scandinavian countries to Byzantium.
Forest and Hunting Estates attached to National Parks and the Biosphere Reserve will give you a chance to try your skill and strength in hunting.
Enchanting beauty, sights of historical and cultural importance will leave an everlasting imprint in your memory; while photo snaps and video-records made in our protected areas will remind you of those wonderful days-off spent in those fascinating places of Belarus.
We are always glad to see and host you there!