Tourist Map of Belarus - North-West - Braslav Lakes Complex
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Here you can see a part of an Eastern Europe map, which includes such Belarus neighbouring states as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The north-western part of Belarus is represented by numerous lakes, which are concentrated in Braslav region. The National Braslav Lakes reserve has been known for centuries for its rehabilitation and tourist resources.

On the left side of this Belarus map you see four icons, representing  tourist attractions of the Republic. From top to Bottom (in the brackets you can see the Cyrillic name of the place):
1.    Novogrudok (Новогрудок) – the first capital of the Great Duchy of Lithuania. The town is also known for being the birthplace of the famous Belarusian-Polish poet and writer Adam Mitskevich.
2.    Zaslavl (Заславль) – belongs to the oldest towns of Belarus and Russia, the place of Rogneda (Slavic name for Ragnhild, whose father Ragnvald (Slavic: Rogvolod) came from overseas (i.e., from Scandinavia) and established himself at Polatsk in the mid-10th century.) and her son Izyaslavl (sounds like the name of the town!) exile.
3.     Nesvizh (Несвиж) - is a residential castle of the Radziwill family in Niasviž in Belarus. In 1994, the castle complex was designated the national historical and cultural reserve. Twelve years later, the castle complex was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
4.    Mir Castle – is the so-called flower of Middle ages,  in 2000 the complex was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, 29 km from Nesvizh.