Minsk Special Offer - Discounts for Visitors with the Guest Card
Tourism in Belarus - Plan
Tourists cards are meant to be visiting cards of the state, as they provide an opportunity to thank guests for their visit and to inspire them to return to Belarus.
Now tourists, visiting Minsk, have an access to the Guest Card of Minsk. The owners of this card are granted 3-20 % discount in shops and service centers of the capital. The presentation of the Guest Card took place at Minsk City Council.

Tourists can get this card free of charge, when they book some services or buy products at special places, and even when they cross the border of Belarus Republic. The Card is valid during 2,5 years, and this ensures that foreign visitors would like to return to Minsk several times more. It is really a unique introduction, as in most European states such cards can be quite pricey, and valid during 3 days.

Minsk Guest card costs just 2,5 $, which is a sum for covering production costs.
What kind of opportunities and discounts does the Card offer?

- 30 cafes and restaurants (including 6 night clubs and casinos)
- 7 hotels
- 8 shopping malls
- 3 medical centres
- 1 tourist company
- 2 car rental companies
- 1 mobile operator
- 4 banks
- 7 insurance agencies

The amount of information can seem overwhelming to a tourist, that is why in order to avoid confusion, the card will be granted together with a special brochure (in Russian, English, French, and German). Another important source of discounts information is the sites of companies-participants.

An important thing for any tourist is that the card doesn’t carry any personal information, so it can easily be handed to friends and relatives, who would like to visit Minsk.

And even the more pleasant news is that another Card, “Belarus Guest Card”, will be introduced in 2010. Now business organizations are negotiating the term of the new card, which is likely to attract even more tourists to Belarus.
Here is the list of some companies and enterprises, which participate in the Visitor Card program:

Public Catering

1. BelRosInter Foreign Ltd. (4 establishments in downtown) 
2. Restaurant "Gostiny Dvor" (Minsk, 17 Sovetskaya St.) 
3. Restaurant "Mirsky Zamak" (Minsk, 9 Gorodskoy Val) 
4. Restaurant "Falcone" (Minsk, 9 Korolya St., www.falcone.by) 
5. Restaurant "Bella Rosa" (Minsk, 3 Gikalo St.) 
6. Restaurant "Porto Del Mar" (Minsk, 3 Kozlova St.) 
7. Restaurant "U Ratushi" (Minsk, 1 Gertsena St.) 
8. Restaurant "Renaissance " (Minsk, 23 Svobody Square) 
9. Restaurant "Russkie Sezony" ( Minsk, 5 Pashkevich St.) 
10. Cafe "Boulevard" (Minsk, 22 Nezavisimosti Ave.) 
11. Cafe "Skif" (Minsk, 34 Nezavisimosti Ave.) 
12. Restaurant "Pan Khmeliu" (Minsk, 11 Internatsionalnaya St.) 
13. Cafe "Kamyanitsa" (Minsk, 18 Pervomayskaya St.) 
14. Cafe "Bulbyanaya" (Minsk, 53 Nezavisimosti Ave., http://bylba.com) 
15. Cafe "Olivo" (Minsk, 46 Nezavisimosti Ave.) 
16. Cafe "Gostsi" (Minsk, 25 Nezavisimosti Ave.) 
17. Restaurant "Lido" (Minsk, 49/1 Nezavisimosti Ave., www.lido.by) 
18. Cafe "Myadukha" (Minsk, 11 Kirova St.) 
19. Restaurant "Planeta Sushi" (Minsk, 18 Nezavisimosti Ave.) 
20. Restaurant "Rakovsky Brovar" (Minsk, 10 Vitebskaya St.) 
21. French Restaurant "La Crete d’or" (Minsk, 3 Lenina St., www.lacretedor.by) 
22. Chains of cafes "Sun Cafe" (4 cafes) 
23. Wine Bar "U admirala" (Minsk, 8 Svobody Square) 
24. Beer Restaurant "Staroye Ruslo" (Minsk, 7 Ulianovskaya St.) 
25. Restaurant-casino "Millenium" (Minsk, 7 Pobediteley Ave.) 
26. Coffee Bar "Graf Cafe" (Minsk, 116 Nezavisimosti Ave., 22nd floor) 
27. Cafe "Byblos" (Minsk, 21 Internatsionalnaya St., http://byblos.by/ ) 
28. Cafe "GRIP" (Minsk, 19 Komsomolskaya St.) 
Casino, night clubs, entertainment centres
1. Night Club "Roxy Club" (Minsk, 2 Sverdlova St.) 
2. Casino "U Admirala" (Minsk, 39 Pushkina Ave.) 
3. Casino "U Admirala" (Minsk, 10a Svobody Square) 
4. Casino "Millenium" (Minsk, 7 Pobediteley Ave.) 
5. Club "Yamayka" (Minsk, 10 Olshevskogo St.) 
6. Dreamland Amusement Park (Minsk, 80 Orlovskaya St.)


1. Victoria Hotel (Minsk, 59 Pobediteley Ave., http://www.hotel-victoria.by) 
2. Belarus Hotel (Minsk, 15 Storozhevskaya Str., http://www.hotel-belarus.com) 
3. Sputnik Hotel (Minsk, 2 Brilevskaya St., http://en.sputnik-hotel.com) 
4. Europe Hotel (Minsk, 28 Internatsionalnaya Str., http://hoteleurope.by) 
5. Hotel Complex "Orbita" (Minsk, 39 Pushkina Ave., http://www.orbita-hotel.com) 
6. Hotel Complex "U Fontana" (Minsk, 4 Amuratorskaya St., http://www.ufontana.com/english) 
7. The IBB "Johannes Rau" (an educational and conference centre. Minsk, 11 Gazety Pravdy Ave.)

Trade Centres

1. "GUM" department store (Minsk, 21 Nezavisimosti Ave., www.gum.by) 
2. "Na Nemige" department store (Minsk, 8 Nemiga St.) 
3. "Brest" self-service store (Minsk, 17 Lyubimova Ave.) 
4. "Preston" supermarket (Minsk, 153 Bogdanovicha St.) 
5. "Preston" supermarket (Minsk, 94 Lobanok St.) 
6. "TSUM" department store (Minsk, 54 Nezavisimosti Ave.) 
7. "Respect" chain of footwear stores (Minsk, 5 Chernyshevskogo St.) 
8. "5th element" chain of stores (Minsk, 58 Nezavisimosti Ave,)

Tourism companies

1. Tourism company "Sputnik of Belarus" 
Medical centres
1. "Ecomedservice" medical centre (Minsk, 32 Tolstogo St.) 
2. "Continental" medical centre (Minsk, 12 P.Brovki St.) 
3. "Blagovest" medical centre (Minsk, 2b Romanovskaya Sloboda Str.)

Car Rental

1. "EUROPCAR" (National airport Minsk, air terminal, sector 5-6,; Minsk, 11 Nezavisimosti Ave.- Hotel "Minsk" lobby) 
2. AutoRentService "HERTZ" (Minsk, 11/1 Partyzansky Ave., Hotel "Minsk") 
3. Foreign Enterprise Francisco Rodrigo Garcia (Minsk, 88 Orlovskaya St.)

Cultural Establishments

1. National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk, 20 Lenina St.) 
2. The National Museum of History and Culture of Belarus (Minsk, 12 K.Marx St.) 
3. Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War (Minsk, 25 Nezavisimosti Ave.) 
4. Belarusian State Puppet Theatre (Minsk, 20 Engelsa St.) 
5. Belarusian State Music Theatre (Minsk, 44 Miasnikova St.)


1. China Motors Group (Minsk, 2 Mayakovskogo Str.) 
2. Hande AutoGrad (Minsk, 123/2 Timisryazeva St.) 
3. Toyota Centre Minsk (Minsk, 88 Orlovskaya St.)

Banking Insurance Services

1. MTBank (Minsk, 6a Partizanskiy Ave., 124 Bogdanovicha St., 51 Korolya St., 11/2 Nezavisimosti Ave., 40 Nezavisimosti Ave., 19 Nezavisimosti Ave., 65a Timiryazeva St.)) 
2. Belarusian People’s Bank (Minsk, 87A Nezavisimosti Ave.) 
3. BelRosBank (Minsk, 7 Krasnaya St.) 
4. Belarusian Republican Unitary Insurance Company "Belgosstrakh" (Minsk, 70 Libnekhta St.) 
5. Belcoopstrakh Insurance Limited Liability Company (Minsk, 8 L.Bedy St., 60 Kalvariyskaya St., 24 Olshevskogo St., 33a Matusevicha St., 17 Pobediteley Ave.) 
6. PromTransInvest Insurance JSC (Minsk, 7a Voronyanskogo St., 142 Pritytskogo St., 27 Trostenetskaya St., 113 Selitskogo St.,5 Kabushkina St., Planeta Hotel 31 Pobediteley Ave., 38 Orlovskaya St., 2 Leschinskogo St., 10 Olshevskogo St., 26 K.Marx St., 7 Vaupshasova St.) 
7. B&B Insurance Co (Minsk, 33 Zamkovaya st.) 
8. Insurance Company Kupala (40 Nemiga St.)


1. MTS Mobile TeleSystems

Other services

1. Network systems (Minsk, 2nd Shestaya liniya St.) 
2. Magic Ltd - production printing (Minsk, 9 Rybalko St.)