Where to Stay in Belarus: Hotels, Apartments, and Hosts
Accommodation - Hotels in Minsk and Belarus
Finding a nice place in Belarus can be a challenging task. There's not so much information about the existing accomodation possibilities. No need to panic! We are starting the new hotel guide on, which hopefully will help you solve the dilemma and find a perfect stay!

Now, let's see what acomodation options tourists are provided with when they plan to visit Belarus.

Hotels in Minsk, Belarus

That is by far one of the most popular ways of finding a roof over your head. There are about 20 hotels in Minsk and about 260 in Belarus. The peculiar thing about Belarusian hotels is that many of them have that Soviet flavor (which you may like anyway) and even the most expensive ones wouldn't offer world-class service (at least at present). Fairly decent service at a bit too high price - that's what you are most likely to get here. The price range for hotels is 35-400$ per night.

Minsk Hotels

Hostels in Belarus

Hostels and budget hotels are still very rare even in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. The reason for that is simple: there's no private territory law in Belarus and not so many people are eager to invest into something uncertain. Fortunately, the first hostels started to appear not long ago, but they still lack the convenience and atmosphere of Western European hostels. A night in a Belarusian hostel would cost you about 10-15$.

Apartments in Minsk

It would be true to say that some apartments in Minsk appear to be much more luxurious than 5-star hotel rooms! To rent an apartment you can either book it online or find an ad in a local newspaper. I'd suggest looking through some local websites where short-term apartment rates seem to be much lower. On average, you'll be able to rent a flat in Minsk for

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Minsk Hotels - Crowne Plaza Hotel
Accommodation - Hotels in Minsk and Belarus

Address: Kirova Street 12, 220030

Number of rooms: 115

Specialty: Casino and Disco Club Next provide great opportunities for vibrant nightlife in Minsk

The five-star Crowne Plaza Minsk hotel is located in Minsk city center, which is both convenient and surprisingly pretty quiet and relaxing (not along the main avenue like Hotel Minsk). The facilities the hotel offers include conference halls, restaurants "Empire" and "Dolce Vita", Star Cafe, fitness center with swimming pool, Princess SPA, night club and casino. Here you can choose the preferred type of the room:

  • Standard
  • Superior
  • Clubroom
  • Suite
  • Designer room
  • Presidential suite

Crowne Plaza Hotel

According to the guests of Crowne Plaza hotel the main advantages of it are:

Christmas Holidays in Belarus at Stone Magic Cottage
Accommodation - Cottages

MagicStone-MINSK-Cottage_overview Christmas and New Year season holidays have already started and thousands of people are planning how to spend their time in the most cheerful and enthusiastic way.

usadba_minsk_stone_magic_3There are so many great ways of taking a break and having a good time - you can join a group of divers and set off to Bali, you can go on a safari tour somewhere in Africa, or even get to the top of Everest! There's one more quite extraordinary but more affordable way - you can go to a magically stylized cottage in Belarus and learn the real magic of stones.

Just a mile away from Minsk, there's a fairy-tale place - the Cottage Stone Magic. Get off the road to the forest, take a couple of turns, and here you are! The house is located in the middle of the pine forest, which guarantees absolute calmness and privacy. Vasiliy, the housekeeper will give you a friendly welcome and show you around.

The moment you reach the house, you fully understand why it has been named in such a way - the combination of stone, metal, and wood is amazing! Here, you feel comfortable any time of the year. In late spring and summer, the surroundings are all green and in blossom. In a cute pond, one just can't but take a swim on a hot sunny day. If you are fond of cycling, the bikes are at your disposal. In the evening, after all the fun you've had, you and your friends will be so delighted to cook delicious barbecue and try some national Belarusian food. By the way, barbecue and shashlik can be cooked in winter as well, since there's a special garden house with a fireplace, protected from wind, rain, and snow.

In winter, the house gets the magical look -- everything is covered with sparkling snow, the trees stay calm and you sit quietly in the garden house with a wool blanket around you, sipping warm tasty Glintwein. If you are tired of noisy Christmas and New Year parties, this is the right place for you.

Inside the house, there's satellite TV, billiard, a video projector, sauna, and Wi-Fi. The house can comfortably seat up to 10 persons. The bedrooms are on the first and second floors. The kitchen is well equipped with all the necessary appliances.

I could describe the advantages of the Stone Magic endlessly, but it's much better to get your own experience of staying there. The main thing is that you shouldn't forget your good attitude and a feeling of a holiday! All the rest, you will find in this hospitable place. You can contact us for more information on this cottage and booking options.

How to get to the Stone Magic

Minsk oblast, 1 mile away from Minsk Ring Road, 2 miles away from Minsk Sea, 8 kms from Vyacha lake.





Hotel Minsk in the Center of Minsk: Reviews and Information
Accommodation - Hotels in Minsk and Belarus
The hotel Minsk located in the very central part of Minsk, was reopened in 2002 and after the renovation became a four-star hotel. Currently it’s one of the most popular hotels (especially for business trips) due to its convenient location and facilities.

Facilities: The hotel provides 252 rooms with air conditioning, satellite television, minibar, Wi-Fi, tea and coffee making facilities.

Location: The Hotel Minsk is 40 kilometers from the National Airport Minsk 2, and 0.5 kilometers from the Central Railway Station.

The hotel is also close to the big underground shopping mall called Stolitsa (Capital) with some international and local brand shops. There you can also buy some souvenirs, have lunch in a café (at a decent price), and shop for traditional products and food.

Above the shopping center there’s a huge beautiful square with fountains. On this square you’ll find a catholic church, some governmental buildings, and a University.

To get to the National Art Museum, you can walk about a mile.

Room tips from the Hotel Minsk guests:

  1. “6th floor smoking but all rooms facing main road are good” April, 2012
  2. “Avoid singles, as they are (supposed to be) very small.” March, 2012
  3. “Do not take a single room as these rooms are quite small” February, 2012
  4. “Try the beds before committing to staying here.” September 29, 2011

Hotel Minsk