Belarus Culture Overview – Unique Cultural Heritage
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Belarus Symbol Zubr Statue Belarus, the country in Eastern Europe, which today lies between Poland and Russia, has its own unique culture, traditions and history. This land has faced a lot of challenging events: the Tatars, Napoleon, Hitler, and many others… However, the Belorussians have survived; they have preserved ancient towers and castles, which are nowadays popular with tourists. Whenever you visit the historic sights, you can't but feel the heartbeat of Belarus.

The numerous dramatic events often made this heart beat faster, and they have also shaped the characteristic feature of Belorussians, who are not afraid of starting from scratch. It may be due to this fact that Belarus gave birth to many poets, artists, and scientists, rather than military leaders, for example, Francisk Skaryna, the printing pioneer of Eastern Europe, Evfrosynya Polotskaya, Tadeush Kostushko, the national hero of USA and Poland, Michael Ogynsky, the famous composer, Mark Chagall, the prominent artist, Heim Veitsman, the first president of Israel, and many others.

Belarus Symbol Statue Till 1991 Belarus was part of the former USSR. The rule of the communist party made it difficult for many foreigners to travel around Eastern Europe, including Belarus. The long-lasting relations were almost abandoned: Belarus became unknown to the whole world. And again Belorusians felt no fear of starting from scratch.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, many positive reforms have taken place in the country. It could finally open its borders to everyone, willing to discover this unique country. And Belarus IS worth discovering. After exploring Belarus, you will definitely feel the harmony of culture, history, natural beauty and character.

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