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Tourism in Belarus - Plan

Welcome To Belarus - a Tour around Belarus and Tourist Places!

To Belarus! website is devoted to all kinds of information about the Republic of Belarus. If you plan to visit Belarus, it is a must for you to drop at "To Belarus!" portal, as here you can learn the following facts about Belarus:

- General information on Belarus: national anthem, flags, currency, population, figures;

- Tourism in Belarus: traveling guide, places to visit in Belarus, green tourism, belarus map, sightseeing, hotels, visas, embassy information.

- Belarus and other Eastern Europe Countries: relations between Belarus and Russia, the communication with the Ukraine, historical roots of Belarus and Poland, and much more.

- Most current Belarus events and news: feel the pulse of the country - follow the up-to-date events of the republic.

The Project To Belarus! is a newborn website that is why much of the information is still being checked and arranged. We would be glad to receive any support from people all over the world, who are interested in Belarus, who would like to visit this country someday, who already resides in Belarusian cities and towns, and who is simply enthusiastic about new projects.

Top 5 reasons to come to Belarus

1. Belarus Nature Tranquility

Belarus NatureWant to be left alone and feel the spirit of nature wandering around you? Take an eco-tour around Belarus and discover nature treasures of the country!

2. Culture and Art Obsession

Belarus_theatreTop-notch Opera and Ballet Concert for less than 10$? Visiting a circus for a price of a coffee in the city centre? Artists corners, theatres, museums, concert halls - real art doesn't have to be pricey... at least here in Belarus!

3. Belarus PeopleBelarus_hospitality

Smile: you are in Belarus, the country, most famous for its hospitality and tolerance. Meet people from Belarus, make friends, and fall in love with the country and its people.

4. New Memories

Belarus_memoirsHad someone of your relatives taken part in World War 2? Had your grandparents lived in the Soviet Union? Here, on the territory of Belarus, you can feel overwhelmed with memories and recollections. Great travel destination for history-lovers!

5. Lifestyle in Belarus

Minsk_railway_stationFood, drinks, houses, streets, shops, clothes, furniture - everything seems different from what you see in your country. This can really become a new world for you, the source of inspiration, and the place for recreation. Feel like diving into a new diverse world? Need more emotions and feelings outburst? Then you are most welcome to Belarus!