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30 Minutes in the Middle Ages

Two most important questions every traveller has to answer are where to go and what to see. Starting this series of posts devoted to the most unusual excursions across Belarus country, I wanted to assist you with getting a good answer to the second question that regards sightseeing in Belarus. In the series of articles, I will try to describe various excursion programs and scenarios, that could satisfy even an experienced traveller. Today, I'll tell you about the trip to the Middle Ages.
The first Belarusian excursions with real-time show and performance appeared in Lida. The unique thing about these excursions is that all the performances are staged in the medieval castle constructed by Prince Gedimin. Such show programs as Jogaila's Wedding, Kestutis' Court, Battle of Grunwald, and many others have become popular with local and foreign tourists.

During a three-hour-long excursion to Lida, you can really experience the medieval atmosphere. After a sightseeing tour around Lida, tourists are taken to the castle. Now, it's time for the performance to start: you can see the brightest moments of the Royals' life, together with the events that really took place in the Middle Age Belarus. The performance to be seen (and even take part in) can be chosen by visitors in advance. But no matter which excursion is picked, every show is based on real historic events. The performance lasts about half an hour and is accompanied with music, food, and decorations usual for that period. After the show, tourists can try the armour, hold the medieval weapon, and take pictures in the castle.

This summer, Lida Castle was temporarily closed for renovation works. However, the performances could still be viewed near the walls of the old castle. In October, the renovation is to be completed, and after that, tourists again will be able to take a thirty-minutes trip to the past of Belarus! belarus_travel_lidskiy_zamok